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Skiathos Town Info Brochure

Skiathos is a small island in the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea. The port and capital of Skiathos is Skiathos Town.

Yacht charter Skiathos – the key to your perfect sailing holiday. Find more about this destination: history, sights, climate, how to arrive info etc. Charter a sailingboat, motoryacht, catamaran or gulet and sail away... Skiathos awaits you

Location and climate

Skiathos is situated 2.5 nm east of the Magnesia Peninsula and amongst all of the Northern Sporades islands, Skiathos is the one most far to the west. It was founded on two low hills, on the southeastern tip of the Island, in 1830. Now days, almost the entire population resides there. The island has a thick pine forest which is a protected natural resort. Skiathos ia an island with a gentle climate. Summers are sunny and hot, while winters are mild with heavy precipitation. The summer breezes (meltermid) are common from July until the middle of August.

History and sights

Skiathos name dates back since the pre-Hellenic period. According to the legend, the Pelasgians (the first inhabitants) were the once who named the island, after they were impressed by the great shadows of the many trees covering the island. In 7th century BC, it was the Chalceids who settled there, and the island was also very important because of its strategic position in the Persian Wars. During its history the island was also in turmoil. It was ruled by the Spartans, Athenians and Macedonians through the ancient years. In later years, the island was conquered by the Romans, and then the Byzantines where it enjoyed a certain freedom until the conquest of the Venetian Ghisi brothers in the 13th century. In Medieval times, Skiathos has been the victim of many pirate attacks, and because of that the residents of Skiathos created a settlement on the Kastro where they had a better protection. From Kastro, the islanders managed to resist Turkish invasion in 1538 for a week. The Skiathos was liberated in 1829, and since then it has been a peaceful place.


This beautiful Greek island has more than 50 beaches and a range of holiday activities catered to your needs. You can spend your days resting and relaxing in islands natural beauties, or you can enjoy excursions, numerous sports and rich nightlife. The main business activities on the island are tourism and agriculture. You can buy naturally produced olive oil, honey, fruits and wine. The gastronomic offer on the island is very versatile; you can find French cuisine, but also traditional Greek food. Main shopping zone is the Papadiamantis Street, the main street of the town. If you are a fan of garments and souvenirs, you are in luck, because Skiathos has a quite wide offer. Skiathos is also known for its wine. Skiathos special wine is created and sold by the monks of the Evaggelistria Monastery. The Skiathos most treasured attractions are the islands clear water and its wonderful beaches. If you don’t feel like laying in the sun, you can always search for many activities like water-skiing, para sailing, or rent a jet-ski, which are popular on Skiathos. There are also two lakes which can be found on the island, and they are a home to many animal and plant species. Those lakes are situated close to the town.

How to arrive?
By plane

There is a small airport situated on the northeast of the island, and that airport is well connected to many international airports. During seasons there are charter flights from many European cities (it is advisable to book the flight earlier), and there are also regular flights from and to Athens.

By car or bus

The island of Skiathos has only one asphalted road. Buses go in turns of 30 minutes and stop along the beaches. Their destination is the famous pine- tree beach of Koukounaries. The beaches on the northern coast are not so well connected.

By ship

There are daily ferries from and to Alonnisos, Glossa, Skopelos Town, Agios Konstantinos and Volos, and there are also ferries connecting the island with Thessaloniki but only in high seasons. The same lines are also available by hydrofoil, and they include services to and from Skyros, Kymi and Thessaloniki.

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