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Corfu Town Info Brochure

Corfu is located just off the West coast of Greece, and it is also one of the Ionian Islands set far most to the North.

Yacht charter Corfu – the key to your perfect sailing holiday. Find more about this destination: history, sights, climate, how to arrive info etc. Charter a sailingboat, motoryacht, catamaran or gulet and sail away... Corfu awaits you

Location and climate

Corfu has a mild Mediterranean climate and breathtaking beaches which makes it a popular destination for your vacation. When you look at the island of Corfu, it is clear that it is far greener then all of the other Greek islands. When talking about the location of Corfu, it is also good to mention that opposite of Corfu is Albania, and that they are divided by a narrow channel (2km wide). Summers are hot and dry, filled with winter rains which create abundant vegetation where the most dominating cultivar is olive. The island of Corfu is represented by 2 million olive trees, and that olives have a great and long tradition from which is clear that many people living on the island are working in that branch.

History and sights

Corfu is well known for its rich past. That island is the place where Greek, Venetian, Roman and French influences clashed many centuries ago, and each of the cultures has left its marks. The two well-preserved fortresses are just some of the old historic buildings left as a proof to that long and rich history of Corfu. The architecture and the layout of the town is very interesting, you can browse through its maze of narrow streets, upon which stands a 16th century fortress. Around almost every corner there is a chapel, old mansion or secret garden square. When speaking about Corfu, it must be mentioned that like many of other Greek sights, there are a number of myths and legends surrounding it. Hercules, Homer, Odysseus and Jason with his Argonauts are just a few of the legendary names mentioned in those myths. Corfu is also one of the towns on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which helps protect and preserve the buildings and memorials on Corfu.


Today, Corfu represents a mix of Greek tradition and cosmopolitan city. People who live in Corfu are very proud of their tradition and they cherish it more than anything. There are numerous marina spots available on the east coast where the sea is very calm. And if you are in searching for coast sandy beaches and fascinating bays, which are shaped by rocky cliffs sloping down to the sea interweave, you can find them on the west coast. Two of the main reasons why tourists visit Corfu, are without a doubt, Corfu´s food and wine. Traditional Greek restaurants that go by the name Tavernas, can be found in Corfu, and not only found but also experienced in the best possible way. Corfu´s homemade recipes will not leave anyone hungry or unsatisfied. Food in Corfu is fresh and delicious.

How to arrive?
By plane

Corfu’s International airport is situated on the edge of Kerkyra town. From the month of May until the month of October there are regular charter flights from most European countries directly to Corfu, and domestic flights from Athens operate all year round. Useful thing to know is that the Corfu Airport is often called ‘Kerkyra’ with flight code CFU.

By car or bus

Travelling by car or a bus costs more money than flying, but it is definitely more interesting. On the other hand, if you do decide to travel that way, then you can catch a ferry directly to Corfu from the Greek or Italia mainland.

By ship

Corfu port is a very popular stopping point for visiting ships. It is located at the edge of Kerkyra town, and there are ferries from Igumenitsa and Patra (Greek mainland) that operate on a regular basis. There are also ferries from Italy (Venice, Ancona and Brindisi), which you can take to reach port of Corfu.

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