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Fortress town of Bonifacio is located on the French island of Corsica. The town is at the southern tip of Corsica, just 12km from Sardinia.

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History and sights

Following the discovery of the 'Dame de Bonifacio' (Lady of Bonifacio) skeleton in Bonifacio's limestone cliffs (6570 BC) it's been known that the area has a long history of human habitation. It is also believed that there are references to its inhabitants in Homer's Odyssey, around 7th century BC. The name Bonifacio, however, is thought to derive from the Tuscan Count Bonifacio who officially founded the town in 828 AD. He built a castle on the peninsula, given its strategic location for protecting the outermost frontier of Tuscany. Although most of Bonifacio's present citadel dates from later times, a round tower 'Il Torrione' remains from this original 9th century citadel.


Today it is tourism that has revived this historical town from its prolonged period of commercial decline. Careful restoration of its walled citadel and buildings over the past few decades has added to Bonifacio's transformation into a glamorous, sophisticated and very unique historical coastal town. You can find numerous restaurants and cafés in town's port. There's also a little aquarium which children and adults enjoy. From the port you can walk or take the tourist train up to the old town at top of the hill. 
Bonifacio has a great selection of chic boutiques. In the Old Town, souvenir and jewellery shops are interspersed amongst the ancient houses, bars and eateries.

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