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Pula Town Info Brochure

Pula is the largest town in Istria. It is situated in a well secluded bay at the south-western part of the Istrian peninsula.

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Location and climate

Pula has Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. It has an average temperature of 13.2 °C and insulation of 2.316 hours per year. The coldest month is February with average temperature of 6,1 °C, while the warmest months are July and August with average temperature to 26,4 °C. Sea temperature oscillates between 7 and 26 °C. During the winter months blow “bura”, the northeastern wind, and “jugo”, south wind.

History and sights

The history of Pula begins in the 5th century BC. The town was founded by the oldest tribe that inhabited Istria, Illyrian tribe. Pula was ruled by the Venetians, Romans, French and Ostrogoths. The Slavs first arrived in the 7th century. Istria, along with Pula came under the rule of Austria in the mid 17th century. During that period the port of Pula became the Austrian maritime base and main centre of shipbuilding industry. After the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Istria and Pula became part of Italy. Its rule lasted until the end of the Second World War, when Istria was rejoined with Croatia. Pula is well known for its preserved ancient Roman monuments and buildings, of which the most famous is the amphitheatre “Arena” from the 1st century. Today various summer performances are held there – concert, opera performances, film festivals etc. Other significant and well preserved building and monuments from the 1st century are the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi and the Temple of Augustus. The Old Town is also covered with medieval and Renaissance buildings.


Pula has always been an administrative centre of Istria with the long tradition of shipbuilding industry, production, tourism and fishing. Outside the city in lush woods close to the sea are situated camping sites and hotels. Various types of accommodation, sport terrains for recreation and entertainment, casinos, clubs and restaurants can be found in the town. Pula has two marinas from where you can sail toward the nearby national park Brijuni. Summer events you cannot miss are Pula Film Festival, held every year from 1954 in July in Arena, Music Festival Arena, also in July, and Art & Music Festival, festival of rock music held in August.

How to arrive?
By plane

The Pula airport is the closest, around 6 km away from the city. Nearby is also the Rijeka airport. The international airports Trieste and Zagreb are connected with most of the European centres.

By car or bus

If you are coming from the direction of west, the highway Trieste – Kopar – Buje will lead you toward Pula. If arriving from the direction of Zagreb, the fastest way is the highway Zagreb – Rijeka, and from Rijeka via Opatija toward Pula. From the direction of north, the best way is highway Villach – Ljubljana – Kopar – Buje – Pula. Apart from the Croatian public bus services, international bus lines connect Pula with Trieste, Venice, Padova, Maestre and in the summer months with Milan.

By ship

From Venice and Rimini to Pula operate catamarans of the Venezia Lines company and vice versa, from April till the end of the summer months.

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