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Primosten Town Info Brochure

Primosten, only 28 km south of Sibenik, is situated on a small peninsula. Once a fishermen village, Primošten has grown in an attractive tourist destination.

Yacht charter Primosten – the key to your perfect sailing holiday. Find more about this destination: history, sights, climate, how to arrive info etc. Charter a sailingboat, motoryacht, catamaran or gulet and sail away... Primosten awaits you

Location and climate

Primosten, only 28 km south of Sibenik, is situated on a small peninsula, once the island that the inhabitants linked to the mainland five centuries ago in order to reach their farming plots more easily. Surrounded by seven little islands, Primosten is a special gift from nature that leaves no one indifferent. The town and its surroundings have mild Mediterranean climate. The average winter temperature (January) amounts to 10 °C, and in summer (July and August) it often amounts to 27 °C. More than 2.800 hours of sun annually cause frequent droughts in this area. However, due to the continuous circulation of air and refreshing „Maestral” wind, there are no unbearable heats.

History and sights

Just like in many other towns and places in Dalmatia, the first inhabitants of Primosten were forced to leave their homes and look for a more secure place to find shelter from the Turks. They have built a settlement on a nearby islet, which they protected by fortress walls and towers and linked to the mainland with a movable wooden bridge. The wooden bridge was later replaced by a causeway, hence the name Primosten (”primostiti” = to bridge over), first mentioned in 1564. By the end of the 17th century and beginning of the 18th century, some inhabitants returned to the mainland and their old settlements. The inhabitants were mostly engaged in fishing and agriculture, and nowadays tourism is the most important sector of the town's economy. Here are some important historical sights: the baroque church of St. Jurje that dominates the town, the chapel of St. Rocco, built in a baroque style as well, and the church of Our Lady of Mercy from the 16th century.


Once a fishermen village, Primošten has grown in an attractive tourist destination. The modern Kremik marina and the nearby national parks Krka and Kornati make this town one of the most popular nautical centres in Dalmatia. Long pebble beaches or massive and high rocks and cliffs as well as promenades around old city walls will definitely impress the visitors. You can try fish specialties in one of the 50 restaurants and taverns as well as the famous Babic wine from Primosten. If you’re looking for entertainment till early in the morning, you can visit „Aurora” - this club is one of the biggest (its capacity reaches around 3.000 people) and most beautiful ones in this part of the Adriatic.

How to arrive?
By plane

If arriving by plane, you can choose the Split airport, that is nearest to Primosten. There are public bus service from the airport to Primosten.

By car or bus

You can reach Primosten by car if driving via Trieste, Rijeka and then continue via the Adriatic highway toward Split, if you prefer to travel along the coast. Or you can use the highway when you enter Croatia near Rijeka or Zagreb.

By ship

If traveling by ship, you can use some of the ferry lines from Rijeka or Dubrovnik toward Split, or international ferry or fast lines from Italy (Ancona, Civitanova, Giulianova, Pescara, Bari). From Split, you can reach Primosten by bus or taxi.

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