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Kastela Town Info Brochure

The town of Kaštela is an agglomeration of seven smaller towns situated in the central part of Croatian coast, in the Kaštela bay that lies between Trogir and Split.

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Location and climate

The town of Kaštela is an agglomeration of seven smaller towns situated in the central part of Croatian coast, in the Kaštela bay that lies between Trogir and Split. Those seven towns are: Kastel Stafilic, Kastel Novi, Kastel Stari, Kastel Luksic, Kastel Kambelovac, Kastel Gomilica and Kastel Sucurac. Mildness of the climate is the main characteristic of this area, which makes it one of the sunniest parts of the Adriatic with almost 2.700 hours of sunshine a year. The average annual temperature of the air is 19,2 °C and of the sea is 17,5 °C. The average air temperature in summer is 25,8 °C and the average sea temperature 24 °C.

History and sights

The area of Kaštela was always a pleasant place to live in. Centuries ago, after the Ancient Greeks had founded Trogir, it was covered in vines and olives. The Romans built roads there, as well as many country houses. In the 7th century this area was inhabited by Croats, who started building their own state on the foundations of the antique civilisation. Noble Croatian families built small towns with churches that exist even nowadays. During the war with Turks some twenty fortifications were erected by royals along the coast, in order to protect the inhabitants as well as the properties of the noble families. Nowadays only seven castles and fortifications are preserved. Around them settlements were sprouting to finally merge together into the town of Kastela. The name of the city derives from the Latin word “castellum“ that signifies a fortified castle, tower or wall.


Nowadays, Kastela is an important commercial and transit centre of the Central Dalmatia. The modern marina, situated on the north-eastern part of the town, near the medieval tower, provides sailors with high-quality services. The Riviera of Kastela is a popular summer destination. Along the long sandy beach there are tennis and other sports grounds (for basketball, football, volleyball, etc.), surrounded by greenery of pine and tamarisk trees. The guests can also rent boats and equipment for water sports. Kastel Luksic is well-known for its botanical garden with Mediterranean plants and pebble beaches. Besides beaches, the visitors will be drawn to Kastel Kambelovac due to the many excellent restaurants, attractive pathway along the coast and the mountain Kozjak. Most of the beaches in Kastel Gomilica are pebble beaches, and are, therefore, excellent for children.

How to arrive?
By plane

The Split airport is around 10 km away from Kastela. Direct flights connect this airport the following European cities: Goteborg, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London and Manchester. There are many other options if flying via Zagreb. There are also several flights from Zagreb to Split and vice-versa on a daily basis, and the flight lasts approximately 35 minutes.

By car or bus

You can reach Kastela by car if driving through Trieste, Rijeka and then via the Adriatic highway toward Split should you decide to travel along the coast. The other way is to use the highway Rijeka-Split. Highway Zagreb - Split is the fastest way if you are arriving from the direction of north. Or you can use the alternative route Zagreb - Karlovac - Plitvice - Gracac - Knin - Split.

By ship

If arriving by ship, you can use some of the regular ferry lines from Rijeka or Dubrovnik toward Split, or international ferry or fast lines from Italy (Ancona, Civitanova, Giulianova, Pescara, Bari).

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