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Cres Town Info Brochure

The town of Cres is situated in the north-eastern part of a large and well shielded bay. It is located in the western part of the island bearing the same name.

Yacht charter Cres – the key to your perfect sailing holiday. Find more about this destination: history, sights, climate, how to arrive info etc. Charter a sailingboat, motoryacht, catamaran or gulet and sail away... Cres awaits you

Location and climate

With an area of 405.78 km², Cres is, together with Krk which is the same size (but thought to be larger for years), the largest Croatian island. The coast is 248 km long and indented - its western and southern part have many bays and pebble beaches, whereas its northern and eastern part abound in steep cliffs. The island is also well known for the lake of Vrana, huge nature reserve of potable water that has been supplying the inhabitants of the islands Cres and Losinj with water for many years. The average winter temperature amounts to 7 °C, and the average summer temperature to 28 °C.

History and sights

Cres (called „res publica Crepsa” under Roman rule) was populated already in the prehistoric period - significant archaeological remains of the prehistoric era on the nearby hill of St. Bartholomew support this claims. Fortified settlement developed on the coast where the ancient fortress (Crexa, Crepsa) was situated. The old city nucleus surrounded by walls was formed before the end of the Venetian rule and managed to remain preserved up to this day (with minor changes). Nowadays, the town is characterized by the medieval harbour, Gothic and Renaissance churches and monasteries, palaces of noble families and remains of city fortresses. The most significant cultural and historical buildings are: three town gates (Bragadina, Marcela and the gate of St. Mikulo from the 16th century), the tower in the northwestern part of the town, the church of St. Isidor from the 12th century, a number of Gothic, late Gothic and Renaissance churches, the most remarkable of them being the church of Our Lady of Snow from the 16th century with the tower bell dating from the 18th century, municipal loggia with a pillory, the Franciscan monastery from the beginning of the 14th century, a Benedictine monastery from the 15th century, the palace of the family Petris from the 15th century, which houses a museum and a number of Renaissance palaces of noble families from Cres.


Nowadays, Cres is a tourist destination with its medieval city nucleus as well as its vast bay surrounded by cliffs. Excellent climate conditions, wonderful nature and sea with beautiful long beaches and rich accommodation offer (hotels, apartments, camps) make Cres a popular tourist destination. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy diving school, tennis, minigolf, table tennis and water sports – sailing, surfing, underwater fishing. The famous Cres-CUP regatta also takes place in Cres. The cultural events take place once a week: welcoming the old vessels (2nd and 3rd July), the season end (31st August), the exhibitions and the famous Lubenice musical nights. Village Orlec, only 12 km away from Cres, is a well known habitat of griffon vulture, a rare and protected species.

How to arrive?
By plane

If arriving by plane, the nearest airports are in Rijeka and Pula, as well as Losinj that only takes small- and medium-size airplanes for up to 30 passengers.

By car or bus

The transport company Autotrans Rijeka takes care of the connection of the island with the mainland by bus lines. There are direct bus lines on a daily basis from Rijeka and Zagreb to the islands Cres and Losinj.

By ship

If traveling by car, you can use two ports to access the island from the mainland – Valbiska on the island Krk and Brestova in Istria. There are regular ferry lines on a daily basis, and during the summer time ferries operate more frequently - even non-stop without schedule, if necessary. Apart from the two regular lines, during the season it is also possible to reach the island by ferries from Pula, Zadar and Rijeka, as well as from Venice and Ancona twice a week.

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